The following publications and reports by project members present the findings of our collective research:

in press

  • Fowles, Severin, Jimmy Arterberry, Heather Atherton, and Lindsay Montgomery. in press. Comanche New Mexico. In The Archaeology of the Colonial Period in the American Southwest, edited by John Douglass. University of Colorado Press.
  • Fowles, Severin and Darryl Wilkinson. in press. Staging the Passion in a pagan land. In Place and Performance: Theorizing Architectural Spaces in the Ancient World(s), edited by Ömür Harmanah and Catherine Becker. Routledge, New York.
  • Montgomery, Lindsay. in press. When the Mountain People Came to Taos: Ute Archaeology in the northern RioGrande. In Current and Future Research in Numic Archaeology, Ethnohistory,and Ethnography of the American West, edited by Robert Brunswig and David Hill. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.


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  • Fowles, Severin. 2013. Towards an archaeology of Comanche imperialism in the American West. Archaeological Institute of America (NYC) Newsletter.


  • Fowles, Severin. 2011. Archaeological Survey of Three Arroyos South of the Acequia Junta y Ciénaga, near Embudo, NM. Prepared for the Earth Works Institute, Santa Fe. Report on file, BLM, Taos Regional Office, NM.