Powell 2014.2

The work of the Gorge Project has been highlighted in a number of magazine and online venues aimed at the general public:

Blaine, Dean. 2015. Mysteries of the Brotherhood. Archaeology. May-June.

Powell, Eric. 2014. Searching for the Comanche Empire. Archaeology. May-June

Fuhs, Gregory. 2014. BLM-New Mexico: Comanche Elders Visit Rio Grande del Norte National Monument. U.S. Dept of the Interior.

Weideman, Paul. 2014. Grand Unified Theory: Severin Fowles on Catholic and Pueblo BeliefsSanta Fe New Mexican. May 23.

Bergeron, Chris. 2014. Digging Human History for Archaeology MonthThe Concord Journal.

Smith, Julian. 2008. Letter from New Mexico: Surveying a Sacred LandscapeArchaeology. Jan-Feb.

To see the video of a lecture by Severin Fowles delivered at the New Mexico History Museum and incorporating the Gorge Project’s findings, click here.

To see the video of a presentation by Lindsay Montgomery on the history of Blackfoot parfleches, click here.